[Draft discussion] “Parameter Locks” modulator

I am not undertanding this. What does “dial in” mean here?

This request is close to the automatic closure time. Could we save it? :slight_smile: @icaria36 I interpret “dial in” to mean “choose the value for the modulation in that step” like with parameter locking. @andrei_olenev have I interpreted this correctly?

Hi. Sorry I forgot to reply to that. I’ve been on a music production crunch. I’m fine with closing the topic. Maybe I’ll think of a better way to describe this idea later on. Thanks.


I know I took a while to get back to this thread. A couple days ago, I made a modulator in The Grid, that does what I was trying to describe. I can make a video showing how it works tomorrow. I think it will give a better idea of the kind of modulator I had in mind.

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Here is a video of a Grid patch that I threw together for doing parameter locks in the way I was trying to describe here. The main part of this that I was trying to describe, is that you can solo any step, and it will repeat, while you dial in values for that step. You can see it on this video:
Parameter lock sequencer idea - YouTube

This is bit more than I was asking for in the expanded parseq modular idea, because this is 8 sequencer rows instead of 1. A modulator like this would be pretty cool too. This patch was inspired by the “Malekko Voltage Block” eurorack module.

And now it was me lagging to respond, sorry. Part of this is that I had to learn about ParSeq-8 myself. Luckily, a couple of tutorials have been published recently by Bitwish users. :slight_smile:

The title says 1 “Parseq modulators” but this is specifically about Parseq-8, correct?

I have found Bitwig Preset: Mutant Parseq and I wonder whether it is of any help in the meantime. Something that we can add to “Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?”, even if it would only cover part of this request.

Hi. No worries. I was thinking I should probably change the title of this. The patch I made in the video, kind of shows the type of modulator I had in mind, which is very much influenced by the “voltage Block” Eurorack module.

I can redo this thread, and label it something like “Parameter lock modulator”. Or, I could just drop the request, and maybe revisit it another time. I know I already kind of have a lot of requests. I brought this one up, because I really like parameter locks, like Elektron sequencers have, or like the Voltage Block module. I like them, because they are a quick and easy way to get intricate step modulations, that really lend themselves toward glitch edits. The reason I originally called this thread “expand the parseq modulators” is that those modulators are basically parameter locks. But, they are pretty limited how they are now, because of the sequence length, and because they don’t have an easy way to dial in each step if you want to get an exact sound on the steps. That is why I like having an option to solo each step, like I showed in the patch I made on the video I uploaded above. Luckily that wasn’t too hard to setup in The Grid, but it is kind of clunky. A dedicated parameter lock modulator would be pretty cool.

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In this case, maybe the easiest thing is to archive this topic and start a new one whenever you want. The text is here and you can recycle any parts if you wish. Having posted many proposals is good! I find them very interesting and you got my vote in some (there is tough competition, too many good ideas). :slight_smile:

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Maybe I can just rename it, change the description, and basically suggest a new modulator for parameter locks. Or, do you think it would be better to just make a new thread?

Whatever you prefer. It’s only bits. :slight_smile: You are the one putting the ideas and the time.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a re-write tonight or tomorrow. I think that is easier that making a new thread. Plus, the draft will sort of show the train of thought for the ideas for the modulator.

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I found this KVR topic and videos by @xbitz. Looks related to this request?

I wonder whether an alternative route to achieve this request could be found through building a step sequencer (as some preset creators have done, including @Taika-Kim ).

And on a related note, while here Parseq-8 is mentioned, I wonder whether the Steps modulator could be another candidate for these parameter locks, since it already allows to set an arbitrary number of steps.

Apologies in advances if nothing of this is useful for this request. :slight_smile:

I wonder whether an alternative route to achieve this request could be found through building a step sequencer (as some preset creators have done, including @Taika-Kim ).

It is definitely possible to make this in The Grid. I already made a patch that basically does this:
Parameter lock sequencer idea - YouTube (The one I shared in the description). But, since we don’t have containers in The Grid, the patch is a huge mess of cables. And, since we don’t yet have a modulator that loads Grid patches, the only way to use the patch I made, is to put what I want to modulate inside of the Grid’s fx chain. So, although it is possible to do this with The Grid, it is inconvenient. I think it would be a fun module, especially for glitch, idm, and or anywhere where you want intricate per step modulation for many parameters.

Also, I think we could get an easier to use, more and less clunky looking parameter lock modulator with more features than the one I built in The Grid. The thing is, making something like that in The Grid isn’t ideal. It required a lot of connections, and they can’t be hid in containers, so the cpu usage is high. And, of course, it can’t just be loaded as a modulator.

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@andrei_olenev Sorry again for the delay. Please check the description. Unless there are any blockers, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.

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Looks great. Thanks.

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