[Draft discussion] “Output to new chain” module in the Grid

Hi, I can claim the request. Thanks.

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I’m not sure if I can edit the title of this thread, but I think it would be good to add something like (“output to new chain” module) at the end of the title, because it explains the specific function more clearly. There are probably many ways they could make multiple outs from the Grid, but this one is just what makes sense to me.

If you see a pencil icon next to the title, then you can edit it. In any case, I have added your suggestion. Maybe the title can be polished once the description is more clear. At least to me, I think I understand the meaning but it takes a couple of reads to grasp it.

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Could you name a couple of relevant examples, please?

This feature request looks good. Let’s just wait a bit in case there is more feedback and let’s move it to #features

Hi. Thanks for changing the title. I’ve been meaning to rework the description, but I’ve running around for a few days. I will add examples to the template.

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