[Draft discussion] Option to limit record armed tracks to one at a time

Oh yes, this is very needed xD There is a workaround which requires learning a new habit. There is an option for “Global arm off”, which basically de-arms all tracks for recording. You can bind this to a keystroke (I used Ctrl+R) and I have tried to get into the habit of doing this before arming the track I want to record on. However it’s not fool proof and I’d love an option like you have described

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@bjorn Thanks a lot for letting me know about “Global Arm off”. Hopefully we can get a preferences option as well, so it is more fool proof.

@andrei_olenev it should definitely be an option. I’m going to make some edits to the draft to merge the preamble into the first section. Thanks for adding in the global arm off as an alternative. Lets give this 24 hours for further discussion then I’ll move to #features

@bjorn Sounds good. Thanks.

@andrei_olenev you’re welcome! How do those edits read to you?

Looks great.

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Great, I’ll get this moved to #features tomorrow if there are no further amendments required :slight_smile: