[Draft discussion] Official support for installing and updating community packages

Nice mockup. Very interesting. Indeed, this is an area where improvement would be very welcome.

On the other hand, we have https://bitwiggers.com. There we have presets by author, by tag, by devices used, by plugins required… What if you could take a Bitwiggers link, paste it in a UI like the one in your mockup, and then the related presets would be added to your collection of presets?

Just for the sake of providing an example of a link, Bitwig Presets by hariossa | Bitwiggers would import all the presets by this author.

The thing might get (even more) complicated with updates but well, if this is indeed complicated it could be covered in a second version. :slight_smile:

Should we move this discussion to #drafts , to work on it, allow people to vote it, and promote it to #features when it’s ready?

I would totally appreciate that. Would you mind doing it (or teaching a guy to fish?)

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Moving topics across categories requires a certain trust level to prevent vandalism etc. Maybe one day, if you enjoy this place? :wink:

:white_check_mark: Done! @here now anyone can vote this request and participate in its drafting.

This request is a very good idea, quite original and creative. It would have an impact in creators of presets and of course Bitwig users. In the discussion there are many details defined. Anyone @here wants to work on the description?

The original post was so convincing to me that I thought we could already do this in Bitwig! I just updated it into the desired format, giving more details and thought to the Feature.

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Thank you! I have made another pass and I have tried to make the description more clear. I’m actually quite surprised that this request isn’t getting more votes, and maybe the title had something to do with it.

Some thoughts:

Usually the “alternative way” section is for Bitwig / Bitwig community alternatives, while the “VST or something else” is for third parties. Right now these two sections mentiong Bitwig community approaches, and I think it would be clearer to have both in the same place.

I believe the git repo approach allows users to clone a repo in their Presets folder, and this way they can have the content cloned updated through git pull. Is this correct? If so, it would be useful to mention this detail.

About other products, I’m not a #maschine user, but theit way to solve the Comunity Packages problem are User Libraries | Community. It’s a centralized repository with NI’s terms and conditions. I also wonder how NI handles third party (commercial) packages that are not part of their official catalog.

And a tiny detail, I’m not sure about the capitalization of certain nouns in the text? We are not doing this in other requests.

Perhaps there just isn’t much to talk about with the idea? It’s fairly straight-forward in terms of usage. The complexities are mostly implementation, and none of us know the code base (I think).

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Yes, sorry, I guess I got too much in the weeds. :slight_smile: As son as I have a moment I will move this request to #features

I have edited the description a bit. If nobody has any objections, I will promote this request to #features in a couple of days.

Looks great to me, thanks!

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