[Draft discussion] Multichannel tracks

As @Ioka points out on Bitwig Preset: Mono AmbiEncoder 3o public, this other request is related: Routing more than 4 Channels of Audio to Plugins

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It’s related to some extent yes, although there it would make sense to be able to select the inputs freely and not necessarily source them from a multichannel track - at least for VCV rack and plogue. For Ambisonics plugins it makes perfect sense though :slight_smile:

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Is there an ideal number of channels? A limit? Are the other products offering multichannel tracks settling on a number?

First order ambisonics b-format requires 4 channels, third order 16 channels, sixth order 49 (iirc). Popular film scoring formats are e.g. 5.1 (six channels) and 7.1 (eight channels).

Reaper (the somewhat cumbersome swiss army knife of DAWs lol) has up to 64 channels per track iirc.

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