[Draft discussion] MSEG

Most voted draft right now. Does anyone want to adopt it?

I reached out to @voidex on Reddit and it turns out they are already here! :wave:

If you want some help drafting this very popular request, just ask.

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Maybe this could help you.

I call it the “Grid control modulation”, GCM for short.

You can build a device that accomplishes similar things in the grid.

What this device accomplishes:

  1. you can send a signal from 0.0% to 100% with one thenth after the comma. (11.1%, 13.2% etc.)
    Press the button “true/Bnc” for a modulation (true input) out to send a clip modulation.
    Otherwise don’t activate this button and build your modulation on the upper empty node of the selector.
    With this you could build an ever-evolving signal via this contraption.

  2. you can render signals (that also are maybe of generative nature, with chance modules etc.) into audio clips.
    Draw a clip in the GCM lane. render this clip (post fader).
    Input the rendered clip via the “Audio-rate” module in the side of the device.
    Press the buttons “true/Bnc” and “bounce on”.

Description chart:

Picture of cast signal:

The device:

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Thank you for your patience with our Anti-Spam filters. Edited.

@voidex Thank you for writing the descrion. I have edited it a bit. Is it ok?

I think this draft is ready to be promoted to #features

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This reads very nicely to me now. Since it’s the front runner so far could we move to #features?

Yes, I’ll do it now.

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