[Draft discussion] MIDI Instrument Sub lanes/tracks

Thank you! I have added a template to help put this request in good shape.

One question, is this the same as Pattern tracks?

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No, those types of tracks are more like automation tracks. It selects the played pattern for only specific devices that have patterns.

Reason just basically let’s you create as many MIDI tracks to the same device/instrument in the main sequencer. No need for grouping, routing, sends or anything like that. Very simple, yet very flexible.

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@pjelli thanks for requesting this, I miss this feature from Reason too. I’ve edited the post to put it into the template format and added some detail

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Unless I’ve misunderstood something, you can achieve this quite trivially by:

  • Creating a group track. Put your instrument on the group track master.
  • Create an instrument track within the group. Set the output for the instrument track as Notes to Tracks → Group Master Track. The ‘notes to tracks’ section is right at the bottom of the track output drop down.
  • Duplicate this instrument track as many times as needed

Notes from the individual instrument tracks will now feed up to the group master and trigger the instrument on it. I use this technique quite frequently to create polyrhythmic patterns where each clip loops at a different rate, but they all trigger the same instrument.

IMHO this existing functionality is so similar to MIDI sub lanes that it makes this feature request very low priority.

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Sounds good. Thanks!

I will try this and see if creating a template will help. Thanks!

Interesting…I tried searching for “Notes to Tracks” in the official manual and there is nothing documented about that feature. I would have never known about it if I did not put in this request. Is this a newer feature?

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@hez thank you for posting an alternative solution. Can confirm this works very nicely and more straightforwardly than the note receiver workaround I put in the template. I’m also running 3.3 on a laptop running High Sierra and it still works so it’s not a new feature.

I’ll update the OP with this method and we’ll get this promoted to #features but I agree that this workaround is straightforward enough to be usable. It’s still more complicated than just righ clicking the track and adding a note lane so I’d like to see some kind of macro that automates the process but it’s pretty straightforward to set up nonetheless.

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I’m glad to see that this little process and this template seem to be working so far. Having a feature request that includes a workaround helps everyone!

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@pjelli @bjorn No worries at all, happy to help. There’s definitely a lack of documentation around some of this stuff in Bitwig!

You can save group routings as presets by creating a clip within a group track structure, then dragging the group level ‘metaclip’ to your browser, saving it as a clip. When you drag that group clip preset back out into a project, it will retain its internal routing. I have a preset saved with a single instrument track routing its MIDI to the group master, and I just drag this preset out whenever I want to use this routing setup, duplicating the instrument track as many times as I need for the given situation. This is pretty quick (focus side-browser, type a few letters, drag clip out, Ctrl+D to duplicate the instrument track), and saves fiddling around with track routing drop downs whenever you want to use this technique : )

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Thanks for the added context, that’s a great tip I didn’t know you could drag clips to the browser like that. I’ve added this into the OP and bookmarked to promote to #features tomorrow if there are no further amendments.