[Draft discussion] MIDI export including CC/PC events

Hi @chaocrator , welcome! Thank you, interesting proposal.

Following the advice in Writing a good feature request, could you change the sentences in first person to make the text more neutral? For instance, instead of “I’m talking about” you can say “This is about”.

A link to a basic explanation of what are CC/PC events and CC automatione would be a nice addition as well.

The rest is very clear. Maybe someone else has comments. I have added some tags.

no problem. done.

CC is for Control Change and PC is for Program Change, both are standard MIDI events.

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What is missing in the description and is important to understand the problem is what types of information are lost because of this lack of CC/PC events in Bitwig’s MIDI exports. What do you miss when exporting to a hardware sequencer / groovebox, that you need another DAW to get?

There are many CC values, and this is only to understand which ones are especially relevant here.

I’m still at loss with the PC values (this?). What information do you get from them in your hardware? How do you record those?

Thank you for your patience. I’ll pay back with good edits in the description. :slight_smile:

@chaocrator or anyone else, I would welcome some answers to better understand the details of this request. Basically, examples of what users are missing today that they would get if CC/PC events would be included in the MIDI exported files.

@chaocrator I have made small changes to the description. Please review them. If nobody has any objection, I will promote this request to #features in a couple of days.