[Draft discussion] MIDI Capture

I can claim this, this is my most wished feature right now anyway :slight_smile:


:white_check_mark: Done!

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Cool, I will do a bit nicer editing when not mobile!

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@Mr.Rodent Looking good! And 10 votes! I have added the new template (an idea I had a few hours ago motivated by some of the feedback received). Do you want to fill the new sections?

I’ve populated some information into the template in the OP. @Mr.Rodent feel free to make any edits you think are needed and when this is ready we can promote to #features.

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Heya, looks great, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Also great idea with the template @icaria36 .

Maybe it’s a good idea for readability to clean the comments section when a feature request is pushed from the #drafts into #features? (and maybe add a disclaimer about it somewhere here, on the top of the template or something?)

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Great, I’ll promote to #features now :slight_smile: Cleaning up the comments could be a nice idea especially if the comments relate to the drafting process. If you’re in agreement @icaria36?

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(Good idea, and I have done part of it. I am suggesting a process for this at Promoting a draft step by step. Please share your thoughts there).