[Draft discussion Macro modulator improvements

I’ve edited first post to expected format. I’m thinking of adding some specific examples what it intends to solve

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Thank you for doing that, much appreciated.

If I’m understanding the request correctly, it contains two items:

  1. Improvements to the existing modulator Macro (I guess also applicable to Macro-4 ?)
  2. Creation of a new modulator to select one of several arbitrary option defined by the user.

If this is the case, I think it would be better to have the new modulator in a separate request.

@Gethiox can you respond to my question above, please? Depending on your answer, we can proceed with draft in different ways.

personally I think all of this can be added as modes and additional settings to existing Macro modulator. it’s especially desirable so we can go into existing patches/projects and just apply these settings to make existing Macros more usable, without having to add new one and rewire mapping to it.

Just default Macro modulator settings would be same as it currently is.


Yeah, pretty much I agree what @x.iso said. I don’t feel it is necessary to split this into two separate feature requests, that is already tiny. It would be cool to have that in the space of just one macro modulator.

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There are other things I would like to see in Bitwig’s macros. In Ableton’s macro editor, you can assign sections of the macro knob to different destinations with min/max values like this:

For example you can assign 0-20% of the macro knob to one thing, 20-40% to another, 40-60% to another ect… as well as have overlapping divisions of the knob as well. I used to use that feature in Ableton all the time for making multi fx. I actually re-created that type of multi fx knob in the Grid here:

The setup I did in this patch was just dividing 1 macro into 4, so each 25% of the macro triggers 1 of 4 macros to turn from 0-100%. It works for what I want but is obviously a tedious round about way to accomplish what is very easy in Ableton’s macro editor. Although, I’m thinking about it now, and it probably wouldn’t be hard to just design a min/max setup in the Grid that works like Ableton’s. I might try to set up something like that.

Things like adding exact increments to the macro knobs can be done in the Grid. If we get something like a Grid Modulator device, then we could design new types of macro knobs, especially if we get custom panel options.

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The request mentions the Macro modulator, but then the Value module in The Grid is also mentioned in an example. Should this request apply to both, then?

This one departs so much from the macro UI that I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just have a separate modulator/module. Also, Select-4 comes to mind.

Also, I struggle visualizing how this “fully configurable by the user” would work.

Aren’t these cases too “picky”? If the user can already do this from the control panel, which is right there anyway? I’m concerned that trying to squeeze many details in this request somehow devalues it.

This however is a feature that would fit neatly here. What do others think?

Aren’t these cases too “picky”? If the user can already do this from the control panel, which is right there anyway? I’m concerned that trying to squeeze many details in this request somehow devalues it.

Maybe just to keep requests simple, This could be split. I love the idea of a list/drop down menu (especially in The Grid), but that is a whole new device, rather than an improvement to the macro modulator.

As for having quantized values, default position options, min/max mapper, ect… I think all of those make sense to be applied to the main macro device. All of those are things that could just be added to the options within the inspector.

These options are found in other software. In reaktor, you can decide the step size and default position to the basic knob. And as I showed above, In Ableton, you have a very straight forward macro mapper that allows you to set where along the macros rotation, any mapping begins or ends (min/max).

Again, I think the dropdown list is a great request. Especially for connecting to something like a merger or router in The Grid. Having a corresponding one in the macros would be nice.

As for the shift click to bypass, I don’t really see the need for it. We can already do that in the inspector, or simply by de-activating a modulator. I have acvtivate/de-activate set to the 0 key on Bitwig ( So I didn’t need to change muscle memory when I switched from Ableton). So, It’s just 1 click to de-activate a macro. And if you want to de-activate specific mappings, it’s still pretty quick and easy to do already.

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I think @andrei_olenev’s reasoning makes sense.

@Gethiox any objections to removing the Enum feature to focus on the Macro knob features?

I have removed the Enum. It can be proposed in a new request.

If nobody has any objections, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.

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Sure, I’m fine with this. Incremental macro should be just enough for starters.

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