[Draft discussion] Ipad App

my bad ive been really busy lately so i havent been around to check up on this but ill see about revising this today and start coming through here on the reg. iaa and au are basically types of apps that allow specific types of live audio/midi sharing functionality, akin to vst but its not really as much a file format but describes the ability to either run standalone and share audio/midi to or from another compatable app (IAA), or to host or to be hosted in another compatable app (AU)

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I have updated the description. Please have a look. I have removed the description of the business model because it is really disconnected from the feature request. If Bitwig is considering an app for iPadOS (or Android) logically they will be considering the business model as well.

@jescofield Thank you for the explanation about IAA and AU. I have also removed the support for these formats because I guess the usefulness of this support goes beyond an iPad version, and the iPad app would make sense even without these formats. If this is true, then this would be a separate request.