[Draft discussion] Improved two finger touchpad scroll and gestures on Linux

Hi @patrickaldis , thank you for proposing a feature request.

First things first. Can you bring the template back, please? We are trying to have a common format and common standards across request, to make it easier for Bitwish users and the Bitwig team to assess requests.

The Answer (hopefully)
I think this is because the bitwig window doesn’t support the latest standard for touchpad input on linux - wayland protocol. Implementing this wouldn’t only solve the horizontal scrolling issues. It would also allow touchpads to have their normal behaviour:

  • Scrolling following the fingers rather than the current clunky mousewheel behaviour
  • Horizontal scrolling anywhere
  • Wayland supports multitouch gestures, so any gestures available on macOS or windows could be used on linux

I took the liberty of moving “The Answer” out of the description and into a comment to keep the request focused on its original point. Also because it is assumed that the problem is Wayland support, but are we sure?

i don’t think this is specifically a wayland issue. i used pop!_os and you’re able to scroll horizontally with 2 fingers a variety of apps (e.g. browser, text editors etc).

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Just edited the draft, should be clearer now

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Yeah, I’ve changed my display manager to check and it’s not a wayland issue - same issues on xorg too. Like u say horizontal scrolling works on a variety of apps (both xorg and wayland) it’d be great from a ux perspective to see it on bitwig too

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This is very good, thank you! It is very late now, but I will review the description tomorrow, and move this to #features if there are no surprises.

@here :white_check_mark: Done! If you know other users suffering this problem, please encourage them to vote. :slight_smile: