[Draft discussion] Grid module - Change Gate

Thank you for this request! A couple of questions:

  • Can you explain an example of what you want to trigger when what type of signal changes? Real life examples are useful to understand the feature request better.
  • The first mockup “Change Gate”… is this literally what you expect (changes in gate signal) or any changes in any type of signal?

I guess description wasn’t clear enough? :smile:
this module is supposed to output logic Gate signal when any change occurs on the input signal, which can be of any type.

for example I would have 2 Arrays, each is recorded in turns, with some feedback, so only some data changes (making slowly evolving/changing sequences this way), then I might need to get logic gate when there are differences between them. I’ll try to dig up some more examples, because I’ve run into it many times and had to use unreliable method in example I’ve also included.

Ok, yes, the description is as clear as a gate now. :slight_smile: Thanks! Promoting.