[Draft discussion] Containers within the Grid

Who wants to adopt this request? Right now it’s orphan.

Hi, I can claim the request. I saw a few other topics from my post on reddit as well. Thanks.

In addition to containers in the Grid, it would be nice to be able to hide cables. In the future, it would also be very cool if we could have additional interface options, like: drop down menus, custom knobs and sliders, adding images etc…

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@andrei_olenev It looks like you have good material for new proposals. :smiley:

Thanks alot! I’m really happy about this website. It will be great if this helps us get some of these features implemented. I’ve been a bit of a Bitwig fanatic since switching to it.

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Let’s promote this draft to #features

I had a similar idea this year and discovered / build a device.

I call it the “Grid control modulation”, GCM for short.

You can build a device that accomplishes similar things in the grid.

What this device accomplishes:

  1. you can send a signal from 0.0% to 100% with one thenth after the comma. (11.1%, 13.2% etc.)
    Press the button “true/Bnc” for a modulation (true input) out to send a clip modulation.
    Otherwise don’t activate this button and build your modulation on the upper empty node of the selector.
    With this you could build an ever-evolving signal via this contraption.

  2. you can render signals (that also are maybe of generative nature, with chance modules etc.) into audio clips.
    Draw an empty clip in the GCM lane. render this clip (post fader).
    Input the rendered clip via the “Audio-rate” module in the side of the device.
    Press the buttons “true/Bnc” and “bounce on”.

Description chart:

Picture of cast signal:

(I had to write it like this because I am a new member here and can only send 2 links.)

The device:

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@teezee92 can it be that the preset you have shared is unrelated to this feature request?