[Draft discussion] Change parameters using the mouse wheel

Just noting that this is a different request. While it has some relationship with mouse wheel gestures, others might be interested in it regardless of mouse wheels and gestures. It should stand on its own.


i guess i will make some other wishes too tomorrow!

ps: am i spamming the Site?

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No worries about spamming. The drafting process acts as a funnel. As long as people post requests that are relevant to them and are not overlapping with existing requests, we’re good. Drafts can already be voted, and the rest is done at the rhythm and with the quality that us as a community are comfortable with. :slight_smile:

That was my request for essentially the same thing (on the same day lol, telepathy vibes).

About the, when scrolling it suddenly catches a knob, I agree that sucks. This could be solved in software though, the point-and-scroll only working when no scrolling or scroll-to-zoom etc. is going on.

Nevertheless I agree it should be optional.

Any volunteers willing to go through the interesting discussion and review the description accordingly?

Anyone willing to provide a screenshot or similar to illustrate the point?

I have rewritten the description aiming to integrate different pieces of this conversation. Please check. Unless someone objects, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.