[Draft discussion] Bounce Notes

Sounds like a neat idea. It could be a “Bounce MIDI” option under “Bounce”, and the dialog would have the Bounce options that make sense for notes, bouncing the result to a new instrument track. Is this what you mean?

The regular Bounce dialog:
Screenshot from 2022-02-04 23-34-35

I was thinking more about the same functionality as “Bounce in Place” for audio. RIght now I cannot imagine enough options for bouncing a MIDI clip, that you would need a separate window like that. But if there are such options, it can be both: “Bounce MIDI” and “Bounce MIDI in place”.

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Sure, Bounce Notes in Place would have a simpler UI. I thought the logical scenario would be to bounce in a new track because the clip bounced in place would be subject to the same note effects than the original (right?), and removing the effects might be more work than just start working in a new track.

But hey, this is one of those things that if the Bitwig team find it interesting, they wil probably have opinions about how to implement it. :slight_smile:

I was coming from a false assumption that currently if you bounce audio in place, it “bakes in” the effects from that track, and you have to turn them off manually afterwards, so the efect doesn’t get applied on top of already bounced audio. It turned out not to be the case, so your proposition makes all the sense to me now.

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I was thinking… in terms of usability this might be a bit more complicated. This feature makes total sense when you have note effects in a track that create notes and/or modify existing notes. However, in the majority of cases users will just have some note clips in a track, with audio effects like reverb etc but without modifications in the notes. In those cases there will be an option in the menu that will just copy the existing midi clip. Users unaware of where this is coming from might be legitimately confused.

And another detail detail. Should it be called Note Bounce? As in, is MIDI information or Note information what is being bounced? The latter is better if what you want is to keep using those notes in Bitwig.

First of all, yes - “Note bounce” sounds way better, since it’s aligned with overall Bitwig’s naming convention.

Regarding the first part - sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you meant. I guess you were talking about bouncing notes for a clip, when there are no note FX on that track, which will leave the user confused on why nothing has changed. If it’s the case, I belive it works the same way for audio’s “Bounce in place” right now, when if applied to an audio clip, changes nothing.

However, to make it clear - I’m very new to Bitwig, and any serious work in DAWs for that matter. This feature would benefit my current workflow for sure, but there are maybe more elegant or thought-through solutions, that I cannot think of right now :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I have made a few copy edits to the description. Please check. If nobody has any objections, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.