[Draft discussion] Autosampler

This draft looks very good already, thank you very much! Let’s wait a couple of days to see whether there is more feedback, and then we can polish it for #features.

@b8ck8tt if you or someone else could contribute a screenshot of any of the plugins or DAWs mentioned, then we could feature this post on the main page. Otherwise we can expand the YouTube link and us that image instead.

Copying one comment (with permission) from a related Bitwig Discord’s conversation:

New Sonic Arts | Freestyle - VST Host For Stage & Studio has a very good autosampler (can output soundfont)

Also, you can use polarity’s solution in addition to https://github.com/git-moss/ConvertWithMoss to get velocity splits in your multisamples. Honestly I very much like Polarity’s workflow — I’ve made (literally) hundreds of multisamples with it and it works very well with the limitation that it doesn’t handle velocity splits very well. (thus the link to convertwithmoss)

I have made a few edits to the description. This draft will be promoted to #features in a couple of days if nobody has any objections.