[Draft discussion] Auto-Save

@Reflekshun gave a very good overviwew of what Bitwig does and does not in relation to saving and backups. Has anything changed between Bitwig 3 and now?

Can we name other DAWs that have autosave, especially if they offer “a time-interval specified by the user”?

Pro Tools allows you to specify the interval and the number of saves to keep. Despite Avid referring to the function as Auto Backup, it is more of an auto save.


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I agree with Reflekshun’s assessment: “If you’re thinking, well Bitwig already has the automatic backup because if Bitwig crashes it gives you the option to restore your projects - unfortunately this doesn’t work reliably.” IMO, it would be much better if Bitwig supported auto save like Pro Tools does.

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I have edited the description to tweak the sentences in first person (as we do in all requests) and to add some more details. Please review.

I wonder how auto-save may affect performance when running. An extreme case would be a live performance, when you aren’t producing anything new to be saved and you don’t need any extra hassle on the system that might cause an unwanted glitch. Thanks to a random search result I have seen that FL Studio’s auto-save will wait until the transport is idle for more than 1 second, and I guess it is to prevent these types of problem. Should we include a mention to this problem in the description?

Let’s leave this implementation detail to the Bitwig team if they decide to work on this feature. This draft is ready for #features.