[Draft discussion] Audio pre-record

I moved this comment from MIDI capture to #brainstorm because both features are technically very different (even if comparable for notes and audio.

If you want to work on a feature request about this, we can move this topic to #drafts.

A discussion today on Bitwig Discord reminded me of this one here. Someone identified MSEG and prospective recording as their two top feature requests. It is odd indeed that we have about 100 requests and this one is still sitting here. If someone volunteers to draft the description, I can move this discussion to #drafts To start allowing votes.

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Ohh yeah, I’ll take it.

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In the section about how it first in Bitwig, I have mentioned the case of unrepeatable MIDI events as well. This is not only about producers who work with audio only. What do you think?

If there are no objections, I will promote this request to #features in a couple of days.

well I thought you seperated this thread because it’s meant to only apply to audio, but as you’ve edited it now it’s good.

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Ok, the association makes sense, and I have added a link to MIDI capture in the description.

The use case that I have added is not about capturing new MIDI, but about capturing the different audio that “saved MIDI” (the same notes in the sequencer) can generate in Bitwig thanks to ever-changing note effects, modulators, operators… Perhaps I should clarify this in the description.

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Ok that makes total sense :+1: