[Draft discussion] Articulations manager

Ah yes I hate switching articulations using VSTs. I use the Ample guitar VSTs and it’s pretty painful at times. I could imagine this working in a similar way to Drum Machine where note lanes get called what the device/pad is called, but with the name of the articulation instead.

The issue I can forsee with this is that Bitwig would need to know which articulations are possible and which keys are used, for any given VST. As far as I know the VST SDK doesn’t provide this kind of communication between host and plugin. Would you see it more as a user-definable thing? Or perhaps detection of the plugin and matching with pre-defined articulation tables?

Cubase users create their own expression maps and there are even people selling them online.

Studio One has an integration with VSL where these are automatically detected. Not sure how it works though.

@pier That makes sense, thank you. I’ve made some edits to the OP to put some of the additional information you provided into the template. I also reworded some of it so that it refers also to non-orchestral plugins which also use articulations. Lets give this some time for more discussions before moving to #features

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