[Draft discussion] Allow same key bindings with different context

Thank you! Just to illustrate the point of this request to other users, could mention a couple of real example where you would welcome same shortcuts in different contexts, please?

Your examples mention software in general and text editors. It would be great if someone could bring relevant examples from other DAWs.

First point is that users cannot go back to original settings because Bitwig don’t allow same key bindings.
For real use case other than that, I can come up with using Ctrl + L for ‘Make Legato’ and ‘Set Loop Region’ in piano roll and arranger respectively.

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I found some cases shortcuts editor actually consider context. I think I need to find more of that to make this request more clear (maybe I can just merge with ‘Make shortcut context to be customizable’, which I haven’t published yet)


Thanks for the consideration you are giving to these features and the time you’re taking to write them up separately. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are so central to what we do and there’s always room for improvement. These requests are really valuable.

I did some edit and hope it’s more clear now.
I’d like to change the title but somehow I can’t. “Allow same key bindings with differnt context” seems to be more appropriate.

I have edited the title. I am not sure this setting can be changed. I’ll check later.

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I think this draft is ready to be promoted.

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Please check the description. I have organized the text differently across various sections. I have also removed the example of vscode because these are very different products. I think this is ok as it is?

I’ll leave 24h to see whether there are any comments, and then I’ll moved this draft to #features.

It looks much better :slight_smile: I need to improve my writing skills haha.
I think we can keep vscode example though.

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