[Draft discussion] All-purpose Integer Counter module for Grid

This is a clear concept, thank you! Just some observations about the format of the draft related to Writing a good feature request :

  • First person is used a lot, and we want to avoid it for a more neutral language, so that everyone can feel a request as theirs.
  • In What Problems… also for better neutrality it would be simpler to explain the limitations of Phase Counter that would be covered by this new module proposed. Whether you feel frustrated or not doesn’t give or take more merit to your request. :slight_smile:
  • How does it fit… being this a new module for The Grid and being this one of Bitwig’s top features, we’re good here.
  • If you could mention examples of other products that would be great, to check their implementation and also maybe to tag them here.

sure, I’ll edit it later, just wanted to convey the concept as clear as possible first. then I’ll add some examples and more simplified explanation why it’s needed.

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Ooops, sorry! Looks good to me, and I am moving it to #features right away.