[Draft discussion] Adding to the micro-pitch device the ability to retune each note in EDO mode

I had to do a bit of reading to understand this. :sweat_smile: Let’s see if I got it right.

EDO = equal division of the octave. In Western music, an octave defaults to 12 divisions. The Micro-pitch device allows to define alternative scales (non-equal) but still the 12 notes are hardcoded. Your proposal is that this device could take equal temperament scales dividing an octave in any number defined by the user, correct?

I wonder whether this can be achieved in a reasonable way using note effects, modulators, or The Grid.

About the .scl files, is there a limitation in the definition of this format or is it Bitwig who only can take this file format with 12 notes?

In any case, it looks like an idea that would fit as a feature request for Bitwig, given all the micropitch and alternative scales features it has.

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At the moment, the device has two modes: 12 notes (tunes 12 discrete notes) and EDO (Divides an interval into even (equal) parts)

Yes it is possible. We should make the following chain: a micro-pitch device in EDO mode - a note fx layer - inside it a note filter for each octave - a micro-pitch device in a 12-note mode also for each octave. Next, we must tune the notes in each octave separately.

currently the micro-pitch device only supports .scl files with 7 or 12 notes.

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OK, now I understand better. Your mockups are so good that sometimes I miss what exists on Bitwig already and what you are adding. :sweat_smile:

Do you want to keep working on this request in #drafts ?

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Yes! I can try!

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:white_check_mark: Done!

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it seems ready!

Very cool! I have just copy-edited it a bit.

One question. Right now it sounds like you are requesting a new device, when in fact what you want is to extend the functionality of the current Micro-pitch device, right?

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I don’t know how it happened. Let me try to edit the description to a more correct state.

Yes, in fact, we are talking about expanding the functionality of an existing device.

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Everything seems to be looking good now

Indeed, thank you so much! By the way, I’m not a native English speaker either and yes, sometimes I struggle with ambiguity as well. Then again, ambiguity is often beautiful. :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s move this request to #features. Thank you!

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