[Draft discussion] Add Frequency Modulation (FM) input in Grid Oscillators

@moderators The draft has been updated and filled. Please review :slight_smile:

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Yes, sorry, busy days. I have copyedited the description a bit.

One question about the implementation. Adding one new input might be seen as too disruptive for the perceived demand of this feature. I was thinking, what if there would be a “Frequency” module that the user can plug to the Phase input to get Frequency modulation instead of Phase modulation?

In any case, if there are no objections I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.

PM in OSCs are not lookup input, even with 100% modulation amount, original phase of OSC still runs. It sounds a bit ackward for me to have a device that cancels running phase and compute integrals on input signal. Also, PM in bitwig works like X + aY, where X is running phase, phase FM module would consider PM amount for correct result.
Also, after fiddling around waveform lookup devices under Data section, I found that it is easy to produce artefacts working with phase.

I never thought about adding a new module, so after reading your reply, I thought that maybe we can have a pitch device that takes modulation signal, current pitch input, and modulation amount. This way we can have FM even on samplers, and keep things clean and tidy. I need to do some maths to see if actually works but that’s what I just came up with.

Well, it’s up to devs to work on detailed implementation. Maybe we can just keep the suggestion as simple as, “Make easier way to do FM in Grid” and leave the details upto devs. I feel like I’m really going down to dev level thinking about this :joy:

I don’t mind leaving the request as is. If the Bitwig team is interested, they will read this conversation. :slight_smile: