[Draft discussion] Add detune (and stereo detune !) to all the grid filters (comb filter too)

There is this new device “Quantize” in 4.1 with a “Forgiveness” knob. First question: is this the same as the detune you mention? And second: if it is, would a Grid equivalent of this device satisfy this feature request?

This is already possible. Modulation signals in the Grid are stereo, so all you have to do is add a stereo signal into the filter cutoff input.

A lot of modules in the grid already come with a ‘stereoize’ function, which can be enabled in the inspector. The Pitch module, for example, can generate stereo pitch signals (symmetric about 0 / C3). So all you need to do to detune L&R on a comb filter is add a Pitch module, stereoize it, then attach it to the Comb filters cutoff input and dial the cutoff modulation amount up a bit. Ta-da, stereo comb filter.

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Oh you’re right, that’s nice ! But a detune knob and a stereo detune button, like we have on the oscillators, would still be way more convenient

If the workarounds seem overly inconvenient then we can still promote this to #features. I’ll check in on the thread tomorrow and if there are no additional edits needed I’ll move it over.

I’d say the workaround isn’t “objectively” overly inconvenient, but the wanted feature would still be way more convenient. Maybe we should let the votes decide !

@Pol_HALBERT Agreed, there’s no reason not to request that things be made more efficient so I’ll get this moved over to #features now.

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