[Draft discussion] 2 Shortcut to solo multiple tracks after selecting time or clips across tracks in Arranger

Thank you for this feature request. The title mentions the arranger but the text mentions clips as well. I guess this feature would work in the same way both for the arranger and the clip launcher? What about simplifying the title:

Shortcut to solo multiple tracks after selecting them

Multiple selected tracks can all be (un)muted, (un)soloed and (un)armed in the inspector. Does this provide the functionality you need or do you feel it would be better if there were another way to do it?

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The current functionality is tedious in a few ways that may seem trivial but add up to a big workflow bottleneck for me (and are well-addressed in Ableton and Logic): first the user must switch away from the context of working with clips to begin selecting tracks in the track header. Additionally, selecting multiple tracks requires multiple additional clicks-- dragging to select does not work in the track header and there is no way to convert what is currently selected in the arranger/clip launcher into a track selection. Finally, the inspector mute/solo/arm buttons do not have shortcuts. What I’m proposing would eliminate a lot of steps. I’ll try to add a video!

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Yes, only difference I see is that you can’t drag across tracks in the clip launcher to select time like you can in the arranger. But yeah I think they should work more or less the same. Maybe more like “Shortcut to solo all tracks that currently have clips or time selected on them” because having to select the tracks themselves is half the battle. I don’t think I can edit the title myself unless I’m mistaken?

Looks very good, thank you. Let’s promote this draft to #features.