[Draft discussion] 2 Include MIDI channel data in the NoteInput.sendRawMidiEvent() API function

Hi @Kallistisoft , welcome!

This sounds like a big report more than a feature request. Have you reported this to Bitwig’s contact@ ?

EDIT: Re-reading it does look like a feature request, but more than “fix” the request would be about “improve” or “extend”.

I have edited the title of this request so that it is expressed as a feature request. The same can be done with the description.

@Kallistisoft it would be useful to know what extension or feature you want to program with this API that requires multiple channels. Having real life examples of problems caused by the lack of a feature requested helps the developers prioritizing their work.

I have reviewed the description, please check.

Can you provide examples, please?

Using OSC support as amodel use case:

Reaper has native OSC support featuring multi-track routing and Ableton has multichannel support via the Max4Live API extensions.


I have added this detail to the description. If nobody has any objection, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.