Development Paradigm-direction

Very simple thing I wanted to express - I do not want to see Bitwig trying to become more like Logic or Cubase or any other DAW. It has a niche, the niche is, sound design, stability and workflow across most of the tools needed to make electronic music - It is not a ‘traditional’ DAW made for recording bands - though I am sure people can do that with it, its not something I think should be developed.
I want Bitwig to continue to evolve along the path it has already gone along.
M4L was ridiculously unstable in Live - please do not EVER have a mind to bring M4L into Bitwig - just slowly and thoughtfully develop the grid and other features that make bitwig unique - Trying to please everyone and become a DAW that does ‘everything’ is something I DON’T want to see.

This idea doesn’t lead into any specific feature requests - actually its more the opposite – asking NOT to focus on features that are already addressed in other DAWs and keep Bitwig comfortably in its niche market.


I agree with you! It might seen as contradictory that a maintainer of this community wishlist supports the idea of Bitwig keeping their own vision regardless of how many votes a feature gets. The point of Bitwish is not to tell the Bitwig team what they should implement next, but to offer them a structured and constructive collection of feature request that they may use for their own inspiration.