Default track state

Would be great to be able to set a default state for every track we create
So we can put out default eq or whatever on the track

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Hi @Jordi , welcome!

Can you explain your suggestion a bit more, please? What do you mean by “track state”? Bitwig offers the possibility to create project templates, which maybe are similar to what you are proposing?

I’ll try to re explain

In Ableton, when I create a midi track or audio track - the tracks are created with an effects rack that has macros for the basic stuff - low cut, high cut, basic compression, width control etc. This is an effects rack that I created that is on every track I create by default, both midi and audio.
Because in Ableton I have the option to save the default state of audio and midi tracks

In bitwig there is no such option
When I create a midi or audio track, they are always empty.

The default effects on tracks is a huge time saver for me

Hope I explained it well this time

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@Jordi meanwhile, this feature request was created:

Is this the same that you were suggesting here?

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