Customizable Trigger Note for HW Instrument Latency Offset Trainer

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I would like to see a customizable trigger note for the HW Instrument device. Currently, the Latency Offset Trainer triggers a fixed C3 note, which may not be suitable for all external hardware instruments. E.g. my Analog Rytm can only handle B2 as the highest note. There is no possibility to change that trigger note. Note transpose doesn’t work. Calibrating manually is not a problem, but it is time-consuming and we all don’t have time :face_with_peeking_eye:.

I suggest adding the capability to customize the trigger note in semit tones or octaves for the Latency Offset Trainer. This would improve compatibility and efficiency when calibrating latency with different external instruments.


@ELEKTROGOWK I have re-added the template required for all Features. Please use it for your feature request.

Have you contacted Bitwig’s support already about it? It is a very specific problem and it is good that they know about it if they don’t already.

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