Crezn - Wirbel (Suki


Remix and new interpretation i did back in 2021 for a tape cassette release on the german based
LABOHR label.

Since i was told by those guys that it would B coming out on real analogue tape i kinda got hooked on this idea. So subsequently i played all the instruments you´ll hear live on my ELECTRIBE MX, recorded them into BITWIG, processed the audio there (best saturation and transient tools one can get in my opinion)
Finally i added 2 additional instruments to the whole thing working with the internal
BITWIG synthesizers and THE GRID.

… what do U guys think i used for the 808-bassline?
BITWIG device or KORG hardware that is shaking yo foundations?
Let us all improve our skills on listening.

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Cool! For the lazy listener, here is (what I think is) the original version:

It’s a complete retake. Respekt! I’ll take more time to listen and comment.

Also, this:

Video Mix: Suki

Does this mean that you produced the video, minus the images from the original one? It suits so well to the edgy and powerful music. Also, 3:40, how can someone not pay attention to all that hardware + cigarette? :smiley:

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Yes, indeed. I simply had 2 edit the video myself cos the original audio track is a whole lot slower than my remix is. Concludingly the visuals would B out of sync otherwise.
Befor the pandemic i made my money as a live act and stage musician. That´s what my hardware devices displayed here R 4. The cigarette is purely substitunional. :wink: :smiling_face:

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Big Ups 4 posting the original track. This way it is much more interesting 4 the averageage user i assume. <3

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