Create Columns/Categories in Browser

The ability to create columns of Collections Filters in the browser would allow a higher level of hierarchy and make the browser much more powerful.

For example, you could have one column that filters your collections by Genre or another by Instrument or Groove, or Type, or whatever (named column with custom filters inside).

Currently, collections can stack up after a while and this would avoid, for example, having separate collections for bass type 1, bass type 2, bass guitar, sub bass, because you would filter that into one column.

You could also filter your effects racks, your container presets.
or filter a collection of devices

A big problem is that we are not able to edit the metadata of vst and vst presets (tags or categories) so collections are often used for everything.

( the Title “Create Collection Filter Columns inside Browser” would be more accurate, cannot modify apparently)

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@Astralyd Hi, are you interested in submitting this request to #drafts using the standard template (for consistency with all the other feature requests)?

Sure ! are you asking me to do it?

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Yes, nobody better equipped than you to push for your request. :slight_smile:

Haha ofc my bad

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