Connecting Devices to the Video User Guide

I see the Video Guide is largely broken into a Topic-per-Device. It’s a bit more manual - which is fine because they’re a small and bounded collection - but since Bitwiggers also contains details on every Device for relational purposes, we could add an embed or a link to the Video Guide on the Device on Bitwiggers? A Device Page for reference.

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Sounds good! Yes, in the guide every instrument and every device gets its own topic. Embedding or linking, whatever you see that works best on your end.

OK @icaria36, I have two examples to look at before I link everything together.

  1. Amp only has the original post, therefore on the embed it appears empty
  2. Arpeggiator has a few additional comments so it looks nicer

Looks good to me. Also, Recently I have started adding not only the link to the video but also the author and the title in text, which brings a bit more information. See for instance Note Filter.

We could have a link back from the Devices pages on Bitwish to their corresponding Bitwiggers page. We could edit the description on Bitwish and add a link saying “Check presets using this device” or something like this.

Nice, that looks better too. I’ve finished updating all of the Devices on Bitwiggers, and subscribed to notifications on new Topics to try to keep them in-line over time. It’s very cool to be linking these things together, giving the users more related content built by the community!

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Alright, I took the Vocoder page, set a link to Bitwiggers on the description, and then filled it with as much content as I could find just to see how it looks on Bitwiggers. Not bad?

If that bullet point in the description looks good to you, I will add it to the rest of devices.

I hope to have time tomorrow to work on this, and hopefully add the links for all the devices.