CLAP Extension for Artificial Intelligence

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if it is possible to control every Parameter of a Virtual synth from inside Bitwig and compare the result with the sound you could build an AI Module that tweaks any CLAP/VST Synth to a specified sound you give it like Synplant but for all CLAP/VST Synths that will be written in Future

do you realise how much training time and power is needed to train neural network on a relatively simple Synplant’s engine? and it had to be re-done with each change in the engine itself. there’s a reason why it’s been in development for like 10 years.

10 years ago Ai was no big thing, we get so much development at the moment, and an common Interface to couple an AI to any synth VST/CLAP would be so great

sure, it’s got more feasible, but reaslistically all you need to train AI on a plugin is exposed parameters and audio output for analysis, and all of that is already present. one could make an ‘AI’ plugin that would load trained network for specific plugin and use sidechain audio input for monitoring plugin output, and sending CC’s that you would need to map to specific parameters on a plugin.
training itself would need to be done in a standalone app

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