Bitwish talk

What’s up? What do you think about Bitwish? :slight_smile:

If you have feedback or questions you can create a new topic or you can just reply here.

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I just learned that Bitwish is also a theme for Ableton Live with a color palette that will feel familiar to you… :smile:

Hahah nice. This is what always happens to me when I thought that I came up with an original idea :joy:

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I’m becoming a fan of @artsense’s videos.

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We have a regular flux of people that come to talk about their wishes, but there aren’t many who comment on others’ wishes. Some people do, and when they do the conversation improves so much, but it is still sporadic. That leaves me almost alone at commenting, which a) puts more pressure on me (I’m no Bitwig or music production expert) and b) makes the conversations more boring, less colorful. I wonder why that is, and whether I can do anything to change this dynamic.

We have new users landing almost every day (yay! 349 right now) and, in theory, the higher the quantity, the higher the chance of seeing people regularly involved beyond their own pet peeves. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, I hope everyone is getting enough out of this lil’ project.

PS: this was beautiful

Something different in Bitwig tutorials:

Bitwig Studio ノートFX Ricochetで遊ぶ!

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I am not a pro myself, so maybe this is why I am hesitating to comment on a different topics.
But let ppl know better Bitwish and what is going on. That should start eventually.

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I’m sorry for the almost silence in the past days. I have been putting my usual Bitwish hours on following news and opinion from the Russian invasion to Ukraine. Not that there weren’t enough sad news about war and conflict in the World before, but…

Due to personal stuff I break my #bitwig-video-guide routine for four days (only), and it is exactly during this period that there is an explosion of Bitwig tutorials (including a few produced by PluginBoutique (!)

Anyway, I hope collecting these tutorials is useful to someone. :slight_smile:

(Tomorrow Friday I will make a pass through the pending #drafts – sorry, life happens sometimes).

@XNB published a video that nobody could in good faith post in the Bitwig Video Guide but maybe here…

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Hopefuly, someone reads the tiny little jokes in between like Venus theory complaining about his coffee :slight_smile:

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