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Sam Hocking - Mach1 Spatial with Bitwig - Multichannel/Bus Emulation & Routing Technique for Panning & Monitoring

Baphometrix - Demasking with The Super Separator Trick - the Bitwig way!

Ermagerd! Sounds Bad! - Super Separator Trick (Bitwig style) Part 2

R99 Official - Radiophonic Hardstyle Lead Template 2022 - Ableton & Bitwig

Not exactly a tutorial but it is interesting to see a commercial (and affordable) product for Bitwig.

Alckemy Neuro - Polymer is essential to #Bitwig. Here’s Why (Bass Design From Scratch)

Make your mix WIDE without using plugins VST (1/3)

Alckemy Neuro - Is FM-4 Any Good? (Bass Design From Scratch)

Ollie Music - [Sound-design tutorial] The story of the hi-hat that became an atmosphere

Who would have thought the Channel Filter would be so cool. A Bitwig Guide to it.

Sam Hocking - Mach1 Spatial & Bitwig Dolby Atmos Transcoding + Improved Psuedo 8-Channel HW OUT Grid Routing

Venus Theory - The Absolute Beginners Guide To Your First Hardware Synth

Jürgen Moßgraber - DrivenByMoss 16.2 - New features for Ableton Push 1 and 2 (Bitwig Studio, Cockos Reaper)

Polarity Music - you can do it …

Polarity Music - pinging in Bitwig is fun - resonance is your friend

Sound Design: Making a kick drum

A guide to Bitwig Note Transpose, simple but powerful.

Polarity Music - track from scratch 3: wobbly, gritty & dark techstep drum & bass … in Bitwig

Seph Reed - Physical Modeling in Bitwig Grid

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