Bitwig Preset: Unison Detune Tool

Bitwig Preset Unison Detune Tool

Designed to apply a "Supersaw" type of detune to audio by using pitch shifters, panning, and macros to simply stacking opposing layers that detune equal amounts in plus and minus amounts. The top level macros are meant to be similar to the JP-8000/8080 as there is a detune amount controlling all of the detune layers at the same time, and a mix knob that is actually set to be parallel in this implementation as to simplify adding this to a track without it affecting the volume at unity. The "Stereo" Macro just pans all the different layers in opposite directions in the stereo field. "Grain" is just there to fine tune if it sounds weird at default, and is tied to all the pitch shifters equally. There's a EQ on only the unison layer that's acting as a high/low cut to clean up and muddiness or to soften the effect. This was originally designed to make any sawtooth type sound going into it sound like a JP-8000 supersaw, however the idea is that as an audio device it can make anything have that effect. Default settings are at zero, so to introduce effect just mix until you hear that tell-tale phasing sound then bring up the detune until it's epic sounding, then dial in some stereo to make it wide (and more epic).

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