Bitwig Preset: SSL Bus Compressor EQ Curve

Bitwig Preset SSL Bus Compressor EQ Curve

Put this EQ Curve in front of your compressor to tighten it up. Curve taken from Acustica Audio Sand Compressor "A".

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I was complaining that the SSL Bus Compressor plugin didn’t sound as good as the Acustica Audio Sand Compressor (which is supposed to be sampled from an SSL Bus Compressor), so I did an EQ match with Fab Filter Pro Q3 and put that EQ curve in front of the SSL plugin, voilà, I was not able to tell the difference between the two of them. So I coppied the curve to EQ+ so you all can hear it.

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Thank you for explaining your motivations behind this preset.

For those of us who need to learn history to understand what this is all about…