Bitwig Preset: Solid State Bitwig Master Bus - Tastefully Loud

Bitwig Preset Solid State Bitwig Master Bus - Tastefully Loud

Dynamic sompression settions set to mimic common SSL Bus Compression settings for master channel. There's high-pass in the compressor side-chain. Saturation is default to off, but moving macro turns it on and has smooth curve to be more tape-like in onset. Limiter is pretty basic at end, and a utility macro set for usful things like dimming the output to roughly 0 Kmeter level. Tune the gain parameter to hit about 0 K-metering in, and then use the compress (threshold) to bring in glue, add some saturation to taste, then rase limiter (controls input gain to limiter). There's -1db in the utility section so as long as you aren't driving the chain too hard it shouldn't go over 0db.

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