Bitwig Preset: RFC-214

Bitwig Preset RFC-214

I build based on the Rando-Rambo fx grid preset from Polarity my RFC-214, a Random FX Chain containing 18 Bitwig native audio effects whose 214 parameters can be randomized with a click of a single button! I tried to group "similar" effects into single modules that can be individually randomized, muted and gain-controlled. At the end of each module and the whole rack I added a low-cut and a limiter because it's likely that things are getting out of control. There is a problem with conflicting buttons states because there is one generate button at the first preset page that controls the randomization of all the 3 modules, and you have on the second page individual generate buttons which can get out of sync with the general generate button when pressed. If someone has an idea how to solve this, I would be glad to know! Otherwise, feel free to work with the preset and rearrange it as you like. Inside the modules effects are working in serial and rearranging them will make a huge difference. I decided to have the 3 modules working in parallel thus it's not that likely that a heavy distortion totally negates a reverb effect, and you can control them easier individually.

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