Bitwig Preset: Pultec Low End EQ

Bitwig Preset Pultec Low End EQ

An emulation of the Low End controls from a Pultec Eq. Use the macros to control the values, not the eq points!. You can use the boost and attenuator controls at the same time, in fact it is the way to achieve the "Pultec Bass Trick", if you need more bass use both boost controls.

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In case you (like me) were wondering:

The history of the Pultec EQ low end trick

There is a free Pultec style EQ from Acustica Audio called “Coffee the PUn”, Analog sampled plugins for mixing and mastering - Acustica Audio I like it better on kick drum than on bass, what I really like is the NoiseAsh VST version: Rule Tec EQ1A | NoiseAsh Inc there is also a free version from Ignite Amps which I have not tried: IGNITE AMPS - Engineering for the moshpit