Bitwig Preset: Mid-Sideburner beta 1.1

Bitwig Preset Mid-Sideburner beta 1.1

Dimension Expander and Spatial Distortion. All the controls are on the Remote Control Preset Pages. Page 1: M / S - fades between mid and side processing. Drive - wet signal distortion. DX Size and DX Mix - control the Dimention eXpander. the DX processes Mid and Side regardless of settings. All other effects are pre-DX. Page 2: -All controls on this page involve the wet signal phase modulated delays. Mainly play with Delay %, Feedback and Rate. Page 3: Cutoff, Reso, Type, and Keytrack - all control the wet signal SVF. DX Noise - adds noise modulation to the Dimention Expander DX Cutoff and DX Reso - control the Dimention Expander filters. Fold - adds wavefolding to the wet signal. Page 4: MD Mix, MD Phase, ModDelay, MD Warp, Warptime and Feedback - all control the wet signal Mod Delay. Use sparingly and with care when other FX are on. Quantizer - adds bit reduction to the wet signal. Rectify - rectifies the wet signal. Page 5: Cheby # - controls the Order of the chebychev harmonics Cheby % - controls the mix. M Gain and S Gain - control the mid and side post gain.

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