Bitwig Preset: GEN - 4 step random melody generator 1.5

Bitwig Preset GEN - 4 step random melody generator 1.5

-Hit Trigger to generate. -Truly random 4/4 melody generator- therefore better at making creepy, eerie or spacey melodies than happy or emotional ones, although you can make those too with note/key filtering and patience. -Adjust the Key filter to taste, or turn it off and use the Pitch Quantize inside the Note Grid to get more precise. Also try adding a Note Filter or Transposition Map if you want more specific kinds of melodies. -To record the output, I recommend sending delayed MIDI to another track from the Note Delay device labeled SEND FROM HERE. Then arm only the delayed track and hit Trigger on the Melody Generator. Then you can wait until you hear something you like and hit record after hearing it, but still capture what you heard, instead of recording everything. Change with delay length control. If find the delay is not long enough for you, duplicate the Note Delay device. Just remember to wait for the delayed signal before you stop recording. -Timebase is the base note frequency you generate, rest length the same for rests. Rate mod is set to 100% by default and gives a random chance of altering the Timebase. -Chance is your basic chance of notes occuring, lower value will give more rests. -Note bias and note range adjust the pitch range and ceiling of notes you generate. -when on, Gate source sends a delayed and divided gate signal to the rate mod for different character. Gate divide sets how many get signals are sent to the rate mod. -Pitch fall, Smooth and Average all smear the note pitches in different ways, for adding flourishes, fills or interest. MPE instrument is needed to use these. -random velocity values are also generated for each note, so you may need to use the Velocity Curve to get into a useful range. -Variations preset page is for adding variation to each 4 bars of melody. The the LFO for rhythmic variation, use Phase and Length to adjust the variation timing. Range sets how far up or down in pitch the variation can go. Use the Vary button or Variation knob to do it manually, without the LFO. -Due to MPE and... chaos.... there is a small chance of generating notes outside the chosen Key, even with pitch quantizing. This occurs when a gate signal is sent before the Pitch S&H LFO reaches it's next note value. Since Gate signals are sent based on pitch changes, I couldn't figure out how to avoid this altogether without ruining the character of the generator, however, I've tamed it to where it's pretty rare. If it happens, you can fix it by editing the Micro-pitch of your notes in the Detail editor after recording. The wrong notes will be easy to spot; the only ones with Micro-pitch information. Just delete the Micro-pitch edit points.

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