Bitwig Preset: Gaster

Bitwig Preset Gaster

Gaster from Undertale Brainless Control: - it is designed to be used with default settings only Some other parameters: - "Repitch" should be used only initialy to reproduce original samples as much as possible. Disabling it changes samplers mode to "Cycles" mode which sounds less sharper but gives adventage of formant manipulation capability. - Use "Tune" parameter to tune all samples into the closest note (F3), after full tuning, you can "tune everything to C" with one buuton. - Turn "Speed" parameter down to zero (or enable "Freeze") to achieve static and stable sound, useful in "Cycles" mode (by disabling "Repitch"). There are other parameters available that makes use of modulating "Speed" with "Random" modulator, and other that can freeze playhead and modulate it with another "Random" modulator. Just play with exposed parameters Note: snd_wngdng6 contains noise-like sound without tonality, so during tuning (above 50% value) it is being replaced by snd_wngdng2 sound.

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