Bitwig Preset: FULL SIGNAL sequencer 16 v1.5

Bitwig Preset FULL SIGNAL sequencer 16 v1.5

Random sequencer for the Note Grid: generates a random sequence of triggers and plays it repeatedly. The pattern (both pitch and rhythm) can optionally evolve

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Full Signal is one of my attempts at building a random, generative sequencer patch for Note Grid. It generates a random melodic sequence (gates and pitches) of up to 16 notes over 2 bars. Optionally, that sequence can evolve, one note at a time, at the rate you can control.

To my ear, it produces usable melodies more often than not. Goes nicely with gentle plucks and lots of delay :blush:

PS. Dear mods, this is not a duplicate, I accidentally clicked and reported my own patch :slight_smile: