Bitwig Preset: Fat Parallel Compressor v2

Bitwig Preset Fat Parallel Compressor v2

Simple Parallel Compression without the volume drop of a dry-wet knob. To start adjust Boost macro to drive the compression chain and then dial in the Comp Mix to mix in the compression into the dry signal. Higher Ratio with lower Attack and Release settings will have a more saturated feel and bring up lower sounds. There's a Saturator on the compression output to clip the spikey transients that occur under heavy compression. Use this to fatten up sounds without affecting your source sound's transients as much.

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Wow, this is SICK! Everything sounds so fat now. Thank you so much!
Did you take inspiration from Baby Audio IHNY?

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Thanks, I didn’t take any direct inspiration for any plugin, I’m guessing we just had similar workflow preferences. I’m happy you enjoy it!

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