Bitwig Preset: Dub Strummed Triads

Bitwig Preset Dub Strummed Triads

This layer of presets is designed to allow triads in the key of C major to be generated by single MIDI notes. Keys other than C major can be achieved my using the Semi control of the Note Pitch Shifter to transpose. Otherwise the mapping is: C - Cmaj, D - DMin, E -Emin, F - FMaj, G - Gmaj, A - Amin, B - Bdim. Additionally, F#2 and D#2 map onto alternative inversions of Fmaj and Emin, respectively. Have a look at "Dub Strummed Triads Clip" in the clips section for an example of usage. The tightness of the strum timing is controlled by the Strum Time mod knob.

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