Better use of UI in Mixer View

The first thing I found odd about BW is the faders in the Mixer view. Unlike almost all other major DAWs whose faders look like their HW equivalent, BWs are short and stubby, even when there is sufficient space to provide MUCH more fidelity for levels and automation when mixing (without a board) (See image).

Coming to BW from post audio world (movies, sound design, rerecording, etc.), that entire upper 2/3 of the image is completely useless to me, and I can’t seem to eliminate it or shrink it in that view. The meters on each channel are tiny, the buttons seem oversized, and it just seems to me the entire useful area for mixing is squashed into 1/4 of the screen. I admit I’m new to music creation and “live performance” type DAWs, so perhaps the entire Clip Launcher functionality is lost on me (and BW isn’t the best DAW for my purposes - and never plans to be). If there is a way to configure this differently, someone please let me know.


You can use view toggles in the Mix view to hide things. I can make a very nice mixer environment that way. Larger faders and huge db meters per channel by hiding the clip launcher panel.

This manual page starts with explaining the view toggles:

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The faders section is not scalable. Even if you turned everything else off, all you have is the track headers at the top, tiny faders at the bottom, and a LOT of empty space in between. This needs to be remedied.

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This short fader thing has been complained about forever. It is odd that for a new DAW designed for Touchscreen from the ground up and even with its own native tablet mode too, the faders are not pleasurable to use or even really usable without shift key pressed to get anything accurate.
If on windows and you don’t want to use a controller/mix the Elephant+Surface dial is quite a nice non-mapped solution.

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Yeah, I know… I was watching a video of a guy on Spitfire Audio and he was using Logic Pro X, which I’ve no experience with because, PC, but as I watched him do things, I was in a continual state of ‘Wow! Now THAT’s cool!’ Some things that caught my attention were (and I think PT allows this too) is being able to drag a selection over clips across and a time slice on the timeline and play just that part immediately, without having to drag a loop selector! Couldn’t find a way to do that in BW. Another was the flashing Mute buttons. I really liked the way the automation lanes were all shown in the same view over the SAME single waveform. Oh, yeah, and those FADERS!

Sure, BW can do lots Logic CAN’T do, which is why I’m here, but I think Logic’s GUI is a work of art, which makes me envious of all the Logic users. But, alas, PC.