Beginnings of a techno track

Hello. Bit of a newbie here.

I have this techno track that I’ve started. Not much to it at the moment.

Would anyone be interested in editing it, to possibly make it sound better. And to please explain what you’ve done.

I’m more interested in crafting the sound rather than adding bits to it ATM.

I like hard techno, but every time I go and make a tune it sounds a bit like Cirez-D to me. Roundy, softy like. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just what happens.

Hope this isn’t a dead thread!

Cheers. Sion from North Wales

Hiya Sion and welcome,

I gave it a quick look. First off, I’m missing quite some of the plugins you’re using both on some instruments as the master track so I don’t know exactly how it should have sounded.

I moved your composition from the arranger to the clip launcher and made it into three scenes. Personally I prefer the clip launcher interface to build my track and only use the arranger once I have all the scenes ready and a pretty solid plan for the track in its full. In particular, the E-kick at 1.4.3, I’ve set it to only play every 8th iteration of the clip, giving the same result as you had previously worked out in the first 8th bars.

I added some FX to the instruments, just to give everything a bit more room and body, some reverbs and delays.

I also added the “Quick master” preset to the Master track. The quick master is useful for saturating the track as a whole and giving a pretty good impression of what the track will sound like once you’ve manually mastered and equalized all tracks one by one.



New 8.bwproject (248.9 KB)

Thanks Derk! I wasn’t sure if anyone would reply!
I’ll have a look when I have time!

Do you look into techno much?

I can’t seem t open the file - it says invalid document version.
i’m running 3.02

Oh yeah, I’m running the latest version, 4.3 at the moment. I don’t think there is a way to store it in a backwards compatible mode

Yeah I really enjoy electronic music. I love making tracks as a hobby. I’m not sure my tracks would fit the techno genre, I usually find myself working within the 110-125 BPM range, more of a slow chilled out techno. My tracks are here: