Audio Send

Just like the Audio Receive, but a send - all the sends to any given channel would be summed before they are input into said channel.

Why => I often do very deep nested group/channel/layer/selector/fx-chain/fx-layer arrangements, often also having to set them up once per voice or per speaker or sth. Choosing deeply nested stuff from the audio receiver is very tedious, an arbitrary audio send would simplify this a lot.

Or perhaps introduce Audio (and maybe Note as well) Bus? so you can have Send to Bus and Receiver devices (as well as track inputs) would be able to see not only tracks, but also buses.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense too - although arguably you could just send to a track and then receive from that track (effectively using this track as a bus), if they’re summed before being sent to a track that creates kind of an invisible bus. But could be better to make it less invisible.

The idea is, sometimes you don’t want these ‘technical’ buses visible among tracks. But I suppose Audio Send device could also either send to track or bus

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I agree, that does make it neater. +1 for that. :slight_smile:

one potential problem though, is that Bitwig made more with a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ approach in terms of routing. and it behaves quite differently if you point input of a track to some source instead of using Audio Receiver. that is it expects track to be armed for input to work.

another thing is that technically you can already use FX tracks as send bus. on any Layer device you can send individual layer to FX track.

omg i totally forgot about that - i need to check the inspector more lol thank you so much!

EDIT: the option disappears when it’s inside another fx chain though idk why but that defeats at least some purposes :confused:

seems to work fine for me, what type of Layer device are you using? sends aren’t available for NoteFX layers

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mmh, basically i was using fx layer inside the fx chain of an fx grid so i could use the modulator out of the grid to control some stuff (it‘s a polar-to-cartesian quad panner). i now found a workaround that works though, just duplicated the converter and output it as audio (with the layer volume down) and then after that device, a completely new layer fx that receives the audio from the x and y layers via audio rate modulator and uses it to do the panning with the sends.

long story short, the fx layer sends disappear when they’re in the fx chain of a device.

@here, do you want to move this topoc to #drafts and work on a feature request?

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